This is me, Lindsay Lea.

If you already know me, you know I am a friendly person. And if you don’t? Well, I am a friendly person! Why am I so friendly? Well, I’ll tell you...

I believe that what makes life special are the interpersonal connections we make along the way. And in those many small moments  that are shared between us – fathers and sons – mothers and daughters – grandparent and grandchild – partners – and friends. Moments that, in a second, can show…well…everything.

It is the chance to capture those moments that drives my love of photography.

The photos displayed here on this site represent opportunities I have had to do just that, as these partners, parents and friends have offered me the privilege of showing me a slice of their lives, or allowed me to celebrate with them their happiest of occasions. 

If you are interested in family photography of any sort - formal, or casual, or just plain fun - please contact me at any time. I am affordable! And my pricing is geared to getting you as many great photos of your family as possible. 

Hoping to see you through the lens of my camera soon...